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Melanie Heisner
Outpatient PICC's
Can anyone tell me what you are doing when an outpatient comes in for PICC placement? Are you completing an admission history, getting vitals, med reconcilliation? The outpatients currently come into the Same Day Surgery area and the staff there completes all of this before I get there to put the PICC in. I am looking at setting up a Vascular Access Center where patients would be brought to for their PICC's and if I don't need to do all of this paperwork it would make my life easier. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Kelly Smith
We are primarily an
We are primarily an outpatient department, and also place all piccs for in and outpatients.  When we receive an outpatient for a picc, we do a basic assessment as we do for any oupatient.  We obtain an allergy list, med list, and do our pre-picc assessment of surgery history, pacemaker placement, etc.  This is all on our picc insertion sheet.  We do not always obtain a set of vital signs.  We can usually get them in and out in about 1-1/2 hours. 

Kelly Smith

PICC Nurse

Boone Hospital Center

Columbia, Missouri

Hello Colleagues, I am the

Hello Colleagues,

I am the manager at a department that places PICC and Midlines. We have seen an increase in the amount of DVT'S with lines placed in smaller veins. We state in our risk and benefits that Thrombois is a potential complication of PICC/Midlines. We were asked recently by a Surgeon from our hospital if our department had supporting data to confirm that "PICC Lines" are indeed the actual cause of DVT's placed in smaller veins. Do any of you know of any data that specifies that if a PICC is placed in a vein less than (two and one-half times) the size of the catheter it causes DVT's ?

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