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Outpatient Infusion Center Patient Identification
Our Outpatient Infusion Center (OPIC) is going up with Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) in December.  We have been anticipating moving forward with BMV in OPIC but have concerns as to the easiest way to "ID" the patients.  We have patients that are only in our area for a 15 minute line draw to those that are here for 8 hours.  We always verbally use 2 identifiers prior to any procedures or medications.  Needless to say our inpatients have ID bracelets and so the scanning process with BAR codes for BMV is easy.  In the outpatient arena - is anyone utilizing another method for patient identification other than ID bracelets with BMV.  We are contemplating using a card or label that stays in the patients chart so they do not have to be responsible for remembering it with each visit.