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Christine Thomas
Order for PIV

One of our wonderful nurse educators questioned the statement in the INS " Policies and Procedures for Infustion Nursing" manual that states,  "Obtain and review physician's order" within the placement procedure for a PIV.

I don't think anyone gets a physician order for a PIV but i can not exactly argue the statement away.

Any comments?  


Chris Thomas, RN,MSN,CNP

Fairview Hospital of the Cleveland Clinic 

An order for any type of

An order for any type of infusion therapy - fluids, medications, PN, blood, etc - is what must be checked. I have worked on 6 IV teams over 25 years of clinical practice plus another 15 years of infusion education. I have never seen a situation where a physician order was required for the peripheral catheter itself. The choice of catheter size, length along with site selection is a nursing decision and not dictated by the physician or other licensed prescriber. I think maybe your educator is reading more into the statement than is actually there. Lynn


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Historically we have never

Historically we have never received an order for the placement of a PIV.  If IV medications, etc. are ordered an IV is needed for delivery. This changed when we needed a physician's order for lidocaine or LMX.  We tied the anesthetic order to the PIV insertion order because the physician had to review patient allergies for the anesthetic.  If the patient doesn't have a PIV order and needs an anesthetic, we must call to obtain it.

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