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Cherokee people
one person donning a sterile gown for picc line insertion

Does any one have a video for one person donning a sterile gown for PICC insertion that you could share with me? I would appreciate the video to show to the IV Team staff nurses at my hospital. Thank you.

Vicky, In lieu of that, why


In lieu of that, why not have someone come do a live demonstration from the OR?



Our vascular access team changes all the picc dressings throughout the hospital and with the excep

Cherokee people
One person donnig a sterile gown

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate your input. Unfortunately The OR dons sterile gowns as a two person approach. The assistant adheres the neck and helps tie the sides.

When we place bedside PICCs most of the time we place them independently. I have seen multiple ways that my coworkers are donning sterile gowns and a few are not maintaining sterilty.

We need to improve our technique so that everyone is donning them correctly and not contaminating them. I provide the education to our team. I am looking for information on how to don a sterile gown independently. The only information I have been able to find is a two person approach. I didn't think this was going to be so difficult. There is a sterile gown out there that allows you to don it independently, which would work but probably is costly. We are also looking at using 2 people to place PICCs per JACHO, category 1B recommendation to make sure sterile technique is maitained and for the time out. I'm going to take this higher up the chain and let the powers that be decide what would be best for the patient and our facility. Thank you

I place PICCs alone at the

I place PICCs alone at the bedside now but my background is in the OR. I don my goves in a sterile  manner, using the closed glove technique. This is done independently. As far as the gown I have someone close by to tie me up--can be a nurse or tech, etc and only takes a minute. Maybe you can send the PICC nurses to the OR  to learn how it is done. Contact AORN for more information on sterile technique.


Sterile gown

At our facility there is usually one PICC nurse during the procedure. What I do to don a sterile gown is secure the neck closure then place my arms in the sleeves one at a time. I have my sterile gloves on the sterile field where my gown was and apply them while remaining sterile. I double glove so that I won't increase the risk of contaminating my sleeves while trying to apply a second pair of sterile gloves later. Hope this helps!

Donning sterile gown alone

Does that mean u insert without tying. It is what I have done when no one in room to tie. Is that acceptable?

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