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?Official criteria for number of lumens chosen in PICC placement

Our infection control committee head, a physician, is really pushing for us to insert only single lumen Groshong PICC catheters...and he wants to see written criteria supporting our choice of number of lumens, and Groshong vs Power PICCs. I know a lot of the reasons for choosing one or the other are obvious, but I'd like to know if any of you have written criteria for this. Thanks

number of lumens

I suggest getting a task force together to look at the number of drugs a patient is on and creating an internal algorithm: incompatibles, nutritional support, blood draws, ICU patient versus medical patient. Food for thought half of the PICC lines today are double lumen and triple lumen that are placed. Patients are not on one or two drugs. Put these MD's on the multi-disciplinary approach to selection with the pharmacist. My guess is they think less lumens less infection. Not true. Tell them to read "Harnage". It is about the care not restricting the lumens. Good luck


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