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Occluded infusaports

Does anyone have a policy/procedure on declotting infusaports that you would be willing to share?  Is anyone doing this or are you sending the patient to interventional radiology for a dye study to verify the occulsion?


Daphne Broadhurst
We also restore patency of

We also restore patency of implanted ports. As Nadine indicated, the main difference between ports & other lines is that you have to change the access needle to rule out a mechanical occlusion in the case of complete occlusion.  Will try Cathflo instillation first, or on occasion Cathflo infusion if instillation ineffective for withdrawal occlusion. Although we'd prefer a port-o-gram for confirmation of fibrin sheath, the IR docs tend not to be keen on using their IR time for this procedure.

Would be happy to share our Restoring CVAD Patency policy- just email me at the link below

Happy Holidays!

Daphne Broadhurst, RN
Ottawa ON
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Daphne Broadhurst
Desjardins Pharmacy
Ottawa, Canada

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