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New tubing for new PIV when blood transfusion running


I have been asked to respond regarding when a patient requires a new PIV during a blood tranfusion do we still use a new set up as we do for all other new sites?  There were concerns that this should be an exception due to loss of blood product, possible contamination of product coupled with risk of blood splatter/exposure with respiking the bag.

Thank you

I have given rivers of blood

I have given rivers of blood but I can honestly say that this has NEVER happened to any patient I have seen. Before you go to the blood bank to retrieve the unit, you must ensure the site is patent and saline is infusing easily through the blood set, then you can transfuse without risk of any complication during the max of 4 hours for each unit. If there is any question about the condition of the PIVC site, it should be changed before the blood is on the nursing unit. That is always the first goal! There is no evidence based answer to your question so no guidance on this issue. 

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