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A new POLY MIDLINE catheter by BARD

Bard instructs that we can use a new product called" a Poly Midline catheter" for blood samples. But Genetech(Cathflo) doesn't support the use for clearance of the Midline. 

What should we do about this issue?

Lynn Hadaway, What would you instuct your staff for this use of the Midline catheters?

 There is no research on

 There is no research on drawing blood samples from any brand of midline catheters. I would recommend that you follow the lead of numerous infection preventionists and infusion nurse specialist who are now recommending that no VAD should be used for blood sampling on a regular or routine basis. INS Standards call for a careful risk vs benefit assessment when using a CVAD for this sampling. Hub manipulation and the inherent risk of contamination leading to colonizatin leading to BSI is the reason. So my recommendation would be to find another method for most patients. For those where there is absolutely no other way, then they may need a CVAD instead of a midline or venipuncture using infrared light or ultrasound. 

I am not aware of any research supporting the use of any thrombolytic for clearance of a midline. So I would hesitate to do this procedure on those VADs. More than likely the problem is not going to be inside the lumen but rather inside the vein around the catheter. Lynn

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