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Needleless Connector change frequency

We currently have a new owner of our facility and they are questioning the frequency of needleless connector changes on central lines.  In the past we have always changed them with any blood draws and weekly with dressing changes.  Policy at their other facilities is changing them every 72 hours and changing all IV tubing at that time.  What is the current INS recommendations on frequency for connectors/tubing?

Please read all details in

Please read all details in the INS SOP on Needleless Connectors. If using them in a continuous infusion system (which I oppose by the way), they should be changed when the admin set is changed, usually no more frequently than 96 h. If using them for intermittent infusion, which is what they were designed for, the SOP says no more frequently than 96 h. So you could change weekly with dressing changes on intermittent use. There are more criteria listed in that SOP for when to change but the only reason to change with a blood sampling procedure is when you are drawing blood cultures from a CVAD and then the NC should be changed BEFORE drawing the sample. Read full details in the SOP. 

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