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maureen lawler
needle less device failure

We use the Clave manufactured by ICU Med on all our central lines and have had 10 of these devices fail to close after de access.  This is a serious problem and we are on high alert.  Everyone being vigilant!  The manufacturer is here and "higher ups" totally involved.  The manufacturer has tested and is testing all the failed products but continues to focus on "this is user error".  They insist that we are the only facility that has ever had a problem of this nature. 

Anyone else currently experiencing a problem or have you had a similar problem in the past?

We have used this product at

We have used this product at LLUMC for 8 years without incidence. I also used this product with my former employer with no issues/problems.

B. Murbach, RN, BSN, CRNI

Infusion Nurse Specialist/Coordinator Home Infusion

Loma Linda University Medical Center

Loma Linda, CA

We have used this for many

We have used this for many years as well and I recall one or two instances where the poppet did not pop back up. Is this what you are referring to?  In these instances we did not see any leakage coming out of it but replaced the cap.

Gwen Irwin
We had many reports of

We had many reports of "defective" devices when we converted to the CLC2000 made by ICU medical.  We discovered it was defective technique and not defective devices.  The nurses were clampling before removing the syringe or the tubing, causing the inner portion of the cap to be "stuck" inward.

Review of technique resolved the problem

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

maureen lawler
We have started placing the
We have started placing the Bard power injectable implanted VAD.  Is Bard's power access needle the only one on the market.  Any competition out there?

Maureen Lawler CRNI

Clinical Leader Venous Access Team

Salem Hospital

North Shore Medical Center

Salem, Ma 01970

I had one similar experience
I had one similar experience probably 7years ago and there was no clamp involved;  the valve didn't close, the patient got up, walked out of the infusion room only to return within minutes with blood pouring from the device.  I have never had a problem since.  I now work for an infusion pharmacy which has used this product extensively with no problems.  I have had little experience with the CLC2000. 

Carol Sweeney, CRNI; Principal and Vice President of Clinical Operations First Choice Health Care Systems, LLC.

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