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Need help presenting the need of Vascular Access team in my hospital.

Hello guys! Ive learn alot since I found this forum couple of years ago and now I am a certfied Vascular Access Nurse. Now I am going to have a meeting with the Chief Nursing Officer of one of the hospital im working in right now  that doesnt have a Vascular Access Team yet.

The questions is,

How did  your PICC team started in your hospital?

How did you present it to the hospital and convinced then to have one?

If someone can give me guidance about this I would really appreciate it! thank you! 

Identify the deficits of care

Identify the deficits of care, problems with delivery of care, complications, etc. Your actual numbers from your facility. Published studies are good but your own numbers speak louder. Then work with your financial department or a manager to convert these numbers to the extra and increased dollars now being spent and what savings that would mean for your facility. Then if you plan to cover outpatients you can actually bring in revenue for your facility. This is called making the business case. Go to this site and download this free paper

Don't get hung up on the name "infusion team" as these teams do the same thing as the ones called VA teams, plus there are many other names. Do not limit yourself by calling it a PICC team. You need to provide comprehensive services 24/7/365. 


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