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Need help to keep IV Team together!!

THis is for all the infusion specialists on this list, but especially to Lynn, our greatest resource.  Our hospital, UPMC of PGH in their infinite wisdom is planning of giving the overworked floor RN's the task of All Central Line dressing changes and Central Line blood draws. Also, looking at not having anyone from the IV team on during the night shift, but teaching those RN's to start IV's also. THe management, in an effort to cut back, feel that this will not change the CLBSI rate or rate of occlusions, line ruptures, thrombosis, and other CL complications that we have worked so hard to eliminate.  IF anyone has articles, grafts, or any other infomation and can give to the management, It would be greatly appreciated.  We have a meeting scheduled for Wed May 20. Thank you


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Mari Cordes, BS RN 

Nurse Educator IV Therapy
Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington VT
Educator, Bard Access Systems 

Mari Cordes, BS RNIII VA-BC
Vascular Access Department
University of Vermont Medical Center

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