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Halle Utter
Need feedback on choice of line for Longterm TPN & Dilaudid ASAP

A friend of mine's mom is going home on longterm TPN & Dilaudid for ovarian cancer with complete bowel obstruction.  Diagnosis is terminal - has been fighting this for 2 years.  I recommended a tunneled catheter due to continuous 24hr TPN (didn't do well on cyclical) & Dilaudid.  MD wants to put in a double lumen port.  I would prefer a catheter since we see no future of not being hooked up to something at all times.  Port will require needle changes x2 weekly.  MD told my friend the needles just stay in.  I told her no, they are changed out weekly.  Plus once healed tunneled catheter is easier to shower with etc.  Could I get some feedback from this group?  Thanks in advance.

anna liang
dual lumen tunneled catheter
dual lumen tunneled catheter seems like a good idea in this case. when the indication is for continuous infusion, the advantage of the port is less obvious.
I also strongly agree that a
I also strongly agree that a dual lumen tunneled catheter, preferably inserted via the internal  jugular vein would be the best choice for the reasons you mentioned. The physician is wrong - a port needle needs to be changed weekly. I would want a tunneled catheter in this situation. Lynn

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Halle Utter
Thanks for those who
Thanks for those who commented.  We got the dual lumen tunneled like I wanted.

Hallene E Utter, RN, BSN Intravenous Care, INC

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