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Need articles or evidence based practice on peripheral IV locks/luer lock extension sets

Our hospital recently converted to the Hospira product line for IV tubings/extensions from the Baxter product line. In the past the nurses have placed a Baxter interlink to the pt. IV catheter, used a syringe with a blunt cannula to inject through the peripheral IV cap. We have now gone to luer lock devices and have instructed the staff that they must use an extension set (7 in.)with the clave attatched to it for peripheral IV locks. Our ED is disputing this practice and feel that they can attatch the clave to the IV catheter as they did with the Interlink. I have told them that attatching a syringe to a luer lock device will manipulate the IV catheter and lead to increased phlebitis/infiltrations, not to mention that they will cause discomfort to the pt as they attempt to luer lock the syringe onto it.

I would appreciate any articles/evidence based practice/advice that I could take to them to help them better understand this process.