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NC after blood draws

Is it necessary to change NC after each blood draw from you PICC/Central line?  I know it is imperative to change them if you cant get the blood out after flushing, and I know you remove the NC before blood cultures (and put new ones back on).

 I have heard 2 different thoughts on this- 1)you can never get all of the blood out of the NC (even if you cant see any) and therefore should be changed.  2) More manipulation (changing NC each time) increases risk for complications.

I don't see this addressed in the standards (except of the blood cultures).

Thanks in advance!

No evidence even lightly

No evidence even lightly suggests that the NC must be changed after each blood draw. The evidence is only about changing the NC BEFORE drawing a blood culture from the CVAD. There is a list of criteria in the INS SOP on Needleless Connectors about when a change is indicated. The NC is not changed after checking for a blood return that may be pulled through the NC. Why should it be changed after drawing a sample out? Flush it well with a vigorous technique and do not open the system. 

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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