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National rates of infection for PICC lines
Does anyone know if there is a national percentage rate of PICC line infections. Our rate was around 2% last year which I think is very good, but don't know how it compares to a national average. Thanks in advance.
Kris Pruner
I read in Bard's PICC line

I read in Bard's PICC line insertion manual less than 1% by a study conducted by Dr Mackie


anna liang
please see
please see attachment.
please see page 5. rates are for ICU
Gwen Irwin
Isn't there anything

Isn't there anything newer?

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

anna liang
sorry, that was old.  the
sorry, that was old. 
the one I found on the CDC website is dated 2003.

we use
NNIS 10th percentile = 0.9
NNIS 25th percentile = 3.0
NNIS 50th percentile = 5.2
NNIS 75th percentile = 8.1
NNIS 90th percentile = 11.2

not sure how current it is
(it seems the numbers are lower than the 2003 report, for peds)

James M Joseph
I think this benchmark data
I think this benchmark data refers to all central lines (picc lines included) monitored in specific areas such as SICU, MICU, Dialysis and NICU. I do not think these numbers look at ALL NURSING PLACED PICC LINES PLACED apart from other central lines. Please correct me if I am wrong. Our infection data is Picc specific.

James M. Joseph MPH, RN , BSN, CRNI, VA-BC


All published data on

All published data on infection rates with central venous catheters coming from the National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System at the CDC is all types of CVC, does not indicate the level of practitioner inserting them, and is exclusive to ICU only and does not include all hospital patients. 

I am not aware of any database on just PICCs inserted by nurses. Lynn 

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