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Monoclonal Antibodies and consent

Good Afternoon,

I am wondering how other outpatient infusion clinics are handeling consent with monoclonal antibodies (rituximab, influximab, ocrelizumab, etc.) Is it necessary to have the patient sign a specific consent prior to receiving their "mab" like a patient does prior to blood, or does the standard "consent to treat"  they sign when they check into the clinic suffice for a consent?


Each insititution develop it

Each insititution develop it's own policies in regards to requirements for biotherpy administration. I've seen sites each with different practices.

At the healthcare facility I work at, we do require a consent be signed for biotherapy (inpatient and outpatient).

Along with chemotherapy/biotherapy competent RNs who administer for oncology indications, we have biotherapy competent RN who have received training in biotherapy administration for non oncology indications. They can witness the consent, do patient education, verify orders, handle and administer, and manage the infusion.

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