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mixing method of blood draw
I am curious - how many are using the mixing method for central line blood draws instead of the discard method?  How long have you been doing it, and with what results?  Thank you..
Susan Fullana- I am not sure

Susan Fullana-

I am not sure what the "mixing method" is. I stop (and clamp) any infusions and pulsatile flush with 10cc of normal saline. After waiting at least one full minute, I then draw back on syringe my discard --followed by drawing specimens with a vacutainer adapter.

Looking for

The mixing method for taking
The mixing method for taking a blood sample from a CVC avoids the need for a discard volume, avoiding the risk of depleting the patients blood volume. This can be a huge problem in critical patients when many samples are required. The procedure calls for flushing the catheter with 10 mls NS (so-called pulsatile method is controversial and I don't teach it because there is no science to support it). Leave this syringe attached and withdraw 6-8 ml blood into the syringe and reinject it. Repeat this aspiration and injection process for a total of 4 times. Never disconnect this syringe during the process. After the final time, detach this empty syringe, attach a new empty syringe, and aspirate your sample. Then flush with 10-20 ml NS. Lynn

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