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Minibags versus syringe pump for antibiotics

We are considering moving toward more syringe pump administration of some antibiotics instead of minibags IVPB for cost savings. For sites that have already made that change, are there any lessons learned you would be willing to share? Did anyone see an increase in phlebitis with the more concentrated solutions? Thanks for you response. KB

 Syringes come in all sizes

 Syringes come in all sizes and the syringe pumps can usually handle all sizes. This means that the concentration of these antibiotics can be the same up to 50-60 mLs. You have the flexibility to use a smaller syringe , eg. 10 mL for peds and fluid restricted patients. You can alter the osmolarity by changing the solution used for dilution - instead of NS use 1/2 NS, instead of D5w use 2.5% D5W. The flow rate will be controlled by the pump which is more consistent than a manual push. We have been giving these antibiotics by the IV push method since the 1970's and there was a movement a few years ago to go back to this push method. You can find studies on outcomes with this manual push technique. Lynn

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Syringe delivery

 If you are interested in more information regarding delivery of anntibiotics, please send me you email and I will provde it too you.



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