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Midlines vs picc lines

Does anyone have a comparison chart on when to use midline versus picc line?  Inclusions and exclusions for both?---Thanks

I do not have such a chart

I do not have such a chart but this decision is based upon the characteristics of the prescribed therapy including final osmolarity and pH, the vesicant and irritant nature of the therapy and the length of time the therapy will be required. A midline can not substitute for a PICC. When the pH is less than 5 or greater than 9 or the osmolarity is greater than 600, a PICC is indicated regardless of the length of time the therapy is needed. Vesicants are not acceptable through a midline also due to the tissue depth of the tip location and the risk of artery and nerve damage if extravasation occurs. Midlines are usually indicated when the therapy will be needed for 1 to 4 weeks and it fits the pH and osmolarity recommendations. Otherwise, a PICC is needed. Lynn

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