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Kristine Selck
Midline policy

I. Do you place midlines? If so:


       a. Do you trim them?


1.                 b. Do you x-ray them? If so under what circumstances and in what populations?


3.              c. Do you send VPGs routinely to confirm venous placement? If so in what populations?


4.         II.  Do you measure arm circumference? If so:


      a.  For all populations?


      b.  How often, twice/shift, once/shift?


       c. With continuous infusions, intermittent infusions, saline lock?


        d. How is the site of measurement marked on patient to ensure each RN is measuring the same area?


III. What do you flush with? Saline/Heparin? Which populations?


IV. Are    you treating the procedure like a CVL line placement and having it observed by a seperate staff member?


v. Do  you place midlines in patients that have been febrile?


VI. How long do you leave them in? Does it vary by age?


VII. Do you discharge patients with midlines?


Thank You for any and all help.

Kristi Selck, RN