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Good morning,

I attended the INS updates last week and am referring to the slides presented by Tricia Kleidon on The Right Device, the Right Site, and the Right Technology for the Right Treatment.  In this set, slide 7-8, states "Infusion duration up to 14 days (I)".  However, I cannot find this in the 2021 Standards, though I did see the section for anticipated duration of therapy (guide) 5-14 days, page S75.  There is another section that states not to remove a catheter based on dwell time because optimal time is unknown (Standard 45.3).   I am editing our policy and want to make sure I include the correct information.  Can anyone clarify this for me?

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There is a major difference

There is a major difference between the VAD Planning standard and the VAD Removal standard. The planning standard is based on what you have, or should have or know, to make an informed decision about when it is apppropriate for each type of VAD. It has nothing to do with the actual dwell time of the catheter, totally different. When deciding what catheter to insert, you must assess the length of intended therapy and all characteristics of the prescribed infusions therapy. There are NO maximum or optimum dwell times known for any type of VAD, peripheral or centrral. But again, your planning is based on what information you have to assess BEFORE you choose the right VAD to insert. Removal is based on completion of therapy or an unresolved complication. Two very different concepts. 


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