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Midline catheters

I would think that because the tip of a midline catheter is not centrally located, incompatible medications would not be given simultaniously due to lack of hemodilution.  Physicians do not have this opinion. Can someone tell me if they give incompatible medications through a midline at the same time?


Whether the Midline is a single lumen, or DBL lumen, I would NOT infuse incompatible medications into this type of IV catheter.  This catheter is a peripheral IV, and thus ones blood flow is not going to be near what it is in the SVC.  I think your physicians are asking for trouble.  One must also think about the fact that this catheter once it is dwelling lies deep in the vein right below the axillary.  Because its tip is not superficial, once comlpications occur, the damage may be intense.  I'd get the MD's to provide referrances that back up their position.

 Incompatibility of 2

 Incompatibility of 2 medications is a strong reason to NOT infuse similataneously through ALL catheters of all types, and is not limited to a midline catheter. It is true that a midline tip location would not allow as much hemodilution as with a CVAD tip in the SVC. But long before the 2 medications enter the bloodstream they would form a precipiate and occlude the catheter lumen. Lynn

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