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katie CRNI
midline catheter tip

Can anyone give me a reference for where a midline catheter tip should terminate. I searched the INS standards and could not find one-they say the catheter should be 3-8 " long and start in the vecinity of the AC. The INS text refers to a few fingerbredths below and above the AC to start but nothing about where the tip should end. Is this still accurate information with the use of ultrasound and can the tip go past the shoulder area?


thanks for your help---Katie Howard RN CRNI

Check the Glossary in the INS

Check the Glossary in the INS standards, page S87 for a midline definition. This remains the same today, no change. At no time should a catheter tip be left to reside in the area of the shoulder joint or the axillary, subclavian, or brachiocephalic vein. Brachiocephalic vein could be chosen when there is compelling pathophysiological reasons as to why the catheter will not advance into the SVC. Lynn

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