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Chris Cavanaugh
MEDWATCH ALERT: Baxter Colleage Pumps Recalled
MedWatch logoMedWatch - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program
FDA notified healthcare professionals of a Class 1 Recall of model numbers Mono 2M8151 and 2M8153, CX 2M8161 and 2M8163, and CXE 2M9161and 2M9163. These products were manufactured and distributed from February, 1997 through December, 2008. The company identified software and battery usage failures that result in a delay in or interruption of infusion that may cause serious injury and/or death. Baxter sent a letter to all of its customers, which included advice and instructions to institutions using the infusion pumps. Read the MedWatch 2009 safety summary, including a link to the Recall Notice, at: