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Anyone attend the annual meeting in Phx?  What did you think of the Medcomp booth??  The one that was hiding behind white curtains....weird huh?
It was kind of secretive but

It was kind of secretive but I really did not see any revolutionary technology, seems like just another tip locator at this stage...maybe the final product will be different 


Stephen Harris RN, CRNI


Stephen Harris RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Chief Clinical Officer
Carolina Vascular Wellness

I actually thought they

I actually thought they hadn't finished setting up when i first saw it. On day 2 of the indust. exhibit i was able to see between the curtains and realized something was going on, but the staff with the dumb red crocs didn't seem to interested in luring me in so i figured, "the hell with em". But now that you mention it was a tip locator, I am interested in seeing what it was. I'll have search the web. Nice advertising bozos.....

By the way, any insight on the "new" navigator. I know the Sherlock is preatty cool and probably much more precise, but I don't like the idea of BARD EVERTHING. And you can't buy the Sherlock wires to use with any catheter. We use Vaxcell for saline only HIT pts. We wouldn't be able to use sherlock in that case. ect. The navagator wire can go with any PICC.

Heather Nichols
    The "new Navigator"

    The "new Navigator" is still being worked on.  There have been a couple of people to use the demo models, and there were some improvements to be made.  Viasys wants a better device when it comes out, not one that will give people problems.  The Navigator stylet will fit into any and all PICC's as of this year.  Viasys will be releasing a new wire in a couple of months that is a .8 in size.  It will fit in just about anything.  The new Nav will be lighter to handle, and the arrow will stay on longer when the tip is picked up.  There will also be an improvement in the sound frequency.   We also use a Boston Sci Vaxcel PASV.  We are VERY happy with it, and would never use a tip locator that locked you into one particular picc, so I understand your concern on that issue.  

   The Med-Comp secret tent was very silly.  I really do not understand what is so "James Bond" about a device that has been around for the last 4 years or so.  It was introduced at the AVA conference last year (or the year before) as the Cath-Rite or Calypso.  They had a hour long session on it that was very informative.  Look it up if you are interested in it.  The same people also developed the Cortrak for feeding tube placements that is marketed by Viasys.  Viasys had looked at it, but passed.  It WILL NOT replace the x-ray.  We do not have a device on the market yet that will replace x-ray.  But soon, very soon...... 


Chris Cavanaugh
Medcomp has purchased a PICC
Medcomp has purchased a PICC location technology from Micronix of Australia.  Micronix makes our feeding tube tracking device called CORTRAK ( ) and has developed similar technology for PICC Lines.  Here is the link:

 Maybe the curtains is because it is not FDA approved as yet, so they should not be marketing as yet....


Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

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