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measuring vein diameter

Does anybody have current information on measuring the diameter of the vein before determining the size of the picc line to be used (or whether a picc is appropriate)?


Chris Curtisi  

We use an ultrasound unit that has a graphic on the screen that visually shows the various sizes of piccs  within an appropriate size vessel. You may want to  contact CRBard and get these measurmemts.  Also, this unit has a  measuring display that shows 0.5 cm marks. From my experience,  a vein that size (0.5 cm) is appropriate for all size piccs. When a vein is half that size, that vein is getting small and the larger 6 Fr picc may not be appropriate.

vein size/dvt's
Are there any statistics/information out there about dvt's and if vein size is a contributing factor to the incidence of dvt's?
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