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measuring for PICC line trim

Looking for any hints, tips, or articles for more accurate measuring before trimming a Power PICC.  Thanks!


We use the LUMM formula to trim our PicCS. I posted about this some time back and it's too long to repost.  type LUMM oon the search engine and it will bring you to the posting, it's about three or four down.

Halle Utter
PICC line length

I've used this tool for years.  I discovered a short cut years ago.  Take patient height in inches and take in times 0.76.  Add 4 cm for the left arm.  I do tweak it some depending on body type.  For extremely obese patients I always add length, sometimes up to 10 cm.  I also always measure (roughly) and do a comparison between the two numbers.  If there is a significant discrepancy between the two numbers I come up with, I tend to go with the longer estimate.  I agree that a tip position location system would be handy, but it is not always feasible in all markets.  And cost prohibitive at times.  I have had very good luck with this system for many many years.   



Addendum:  I adjust the number based on where I am entering the vein.  I measure from 2.5cm below the ACF to the spot where I plan on inserting the line, and subtract that number from my planned catheter length.  

Hallene E Utter, RN, BSN Intravenous Care, INC

Gina Ward
trimming of power picc


We have always used the LUMM chart as mentioned earlier.  This has always worked great for us as well.

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC


I've been measuring with the LUMM for the past couple of weeks just to try it out. And by gosh it works great! Nice to learn a new trick.



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