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MaxPlus and extension tubing

We use MaxPlus caps on our PICC lines.  We will put extension tubing on our PICCs for some of the outpatients so that they can manipulate their line better. The question is:  Do you keep the Maxplus cap on your PICC, connect it to the extension tubing and then have another Maxplus cap on the end of you extension tubing?  Or do you hook up your extension tubing to the hub of the PICC line and just have the Maxplus cap on the other end of the extension tubing?(hopefully not too confusing!!)


Connect the extension tubing

Connect the extension tubing directly to the catheter hub and place the needleless connector on the distal end of the extension set. There is no need to use 2 needleless connectors as it adds no benefit. This tubing and needleless connector should be changed at 72- 96 hours, so you can not permanently leave any needleless connector on the catheter hub. Lynn

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