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Mask wearing during central line dressing changes.


Does anyone have any information about whether it is required to wear a mask during a PICC or CVC dressing change. I have found it to say yes for port accessing and hemodialysis line dressing changes per the infusion therapy standards. Our infection control dept. is starting to look at ways to conserve our PPE (with the possible shortage/coronavirus) and is suggesting we don't wear masks or the pt not wearing a mask when doing these dressing changes. What are other facilities doing? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Thanks, Chelsea

Evidence for mask use during

Evidence for mask use during dressing changes is lacking. But it has been done that way for at least 40 years. Oral flora as you talk to the patient during the procedure is the concern. Do you have a change kit with the masks in it? If so, that would not impact the supply of masks in boxes. If you have to add them I can see where the concern is over short supply. I would compromise on the patient wearing one but would be hard to compromise on the nurse. So that would save one mask per dressing change. 

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