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Denise Doscher
LPN's placing lines


I own a Vascular Access company, the state I practice in has no specifics regarding what LPN can and cannot do as far as Vascular Access goes.  The Board of Nursing says "As long as they do not violate the nurse practice act and they are trained and competent".  I have an LPN that I want to train for dressing changes, declots, PIV's, stat labs and PICC and Midlines.  Has anyone used an LPN for this?  I can train her, I do teach many classes.  Or does anyone have any thoughts on this or concerns.  Any information or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Denise Doscher RN, VA-BC, CRNI


Most state board now use a

Most state board now use a scope of practice decision tree. Only a very few do not and continue to use declaratory rulings or advisory opinions. I would bet your state is using a decision tree, although it is odd that they did not direct you to this tool. That is what should guide you in this decision. Look at the current INS SOP Scope of Practice standard 2016. In GA, we allowed LPNs on the infusion team to do all on your list EXCEPT a catheter clearance procedure (eg declot), and inserting PICCs and midlines. The questions on that decision tree that will cause a problem involve supporting evidence from research and professional organizations. I am not aware of any evidence supporting LPNs doing PICC and midline insertions or catheter clearance procedures. Dressing changes, short PIVC insertion, drawing labs are all done by LPNs in many states. YOu will also need to decide if you want to make these procedures an assigned task or a delegated task and you will need to understand the difference between those 2. 

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Denise Doscher
Thank you for the advice, I

Thank you for the advice, I will look up the things you listed.  And I do not know the difference really for those two but will look into it.  I have spoken to the state board of nursing many times about LPN questions and they always tell me the same thing.  They have never metioned "a decision tree".   As always you have great advice.



Denise Doscher RN, VA-BC, CRNI


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