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Looking for a PICC/IV push cart, any shopping suggestions???
We're looking for a cart that easiliy holds all of the supplies necessary for PIV's and PICCs.  THis is for a new team just getting started.  Any suggestions?
I use a Rubbermaid cart. It

I use a Rubbermaid cart. It has two flat  level surfaces (~35"X20"), one large drawer with dividers, a cabinet with locking capability below (flat surface ~35"X20"), and wide handles on either end.  It is ~ 34" tall including wheels.  Upon examining it, inside the left cabinet  door it reads "D95-4094-F1 Rubbermaid Commercial Products, INC".  Inside the right cabinet door, it reads "D94-4094-E1", and under the drawer it reads "6199".

I don't know how old it is, as I inherited it.  It is a great cart, though!  Hope this helps!


Our hospital required us to
Our hospital required us to have all our iv supplies to be in a locked cart.  Therefore, they purchased carts for peripheral starts and a cart for our picc lines.  We used to carry iv baskets for our peripherals.  The carts in my opinion are too tall and too heavy, but you can check they out by looking at the armstrong medical website.  They were kind of pricy too. 
kathy hinson
At Florida Hospital in

At Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL we use the Lionville 800 Series Cart for all of our venous access services, including both peripheral IVs and PICCs.  The carts have drawers, a pull out shelf, an IV pole, and a locking system.  You may choose a combination of sizes in drawers and dividers.  We have been using these carts now for more than five years and like them very much.  You can get much more information by going to the Lionville website.


Kathy Hinson

we use an armstrong cart,
we use an armstrong cart, works great for us.  we have 3 of them, and can carry anything we need.  we got the extension for all of our paperwork, but the main body of the cart locks, so we do not have to worry about having needles and meds in it.  i have attached a pic of it, and if you need any info, just let me know. 
actually i am posting a pic
actually i am posting a pic of the one we actually use so you can see.mtt
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