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Location of IV classes for LTC
This question is for those who  teach IV therapy to Long Term Care facilities. Do you go to an individual facility or do you have a central location that you use and the nurses come to you?
Diane, I do both..That is, I


I do both..That is, I hold classes in the facility if they can provide me with a classroom style setting and I hold classes in a central location three times a year.  I must have at least four students to hold a class at a facility. I know that must seem small, but for hands on purposes, 4-6 students works out well when you are the only one checking them off on their skills. If a facility can't come up with at least 4 individuals, I refer them to my class that is usually held at a local library. There, 8-10 students is usually the norm.

Hope that helps. DD

I would do a class either
I would do a class either way, depending upon the number of nurses, their distance from my office, and several other factors. I prefer to do them in my classroom in my office because there is less trouble transporting all the supplies and equipment needed. I can accommodate between 8 to 10 people in one class. Lynn 

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Our infusion nurses go to
Our infusion nurses go to each facility to give training, similar to what Diane described. We each cover a large geographic territory, which usually makes the central location unfeasible. Sometimes we are able to arrange to teach nurses from several facilities at one location, but that is not usually at our headquarters. We tend to carry a lot of stuff in our autos! Ed
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