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A little funny story

Yesterday, I was putting in a MID on a young girl. During the middle of the placement she reported she had to go to the bath room. I ask if she could wait until I was completed and she said she could. I could tell that she was getting uncomfortable and seemed like she really needed to go. So, I finally got the line in and let her get up to the BR. What I didn't know was that she had been having difficult time trying to have a BM and was constipated. During the time she was in the BR her mother came in and asked how everything went, I told her it went well and everything was fine. Just then her daughter comes out of the BR with blood dripping down her arm and her dressing just totally saturated with blood. Her mom almost lost! So after about 25min of cleaning the pt's arm and placing a new dressing it was done. I've never had this happen in the 4yrs I been doing lines.

rivka livni
Great story. Amazing the

Great story. Amazing the patient did not call you from the bathroom to report the bleeding.

I have a funny one too: Inserting a PICC w/ Ultrasound on one of our IV drug user, he was so impressed with the machine, kept wanting me to show different veins, and what the artery looks like etc. Then he told me I could make a lot of money if I brought the machine to one of his big Heroine dealer where we could offer the customers TWO for ONE: buy the drugs and the nurse will find the vein for an extra $10.

Arlete Mazzini ...
Great stories
Great stories
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