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Line Team
I am looking for IV Nurses who have the responsibility of being part of a "line Team"---being present while MDs place central lines. Our hospital is starting this very soon and it will be another responsibility of our IV Team. We will be observing the procedure and using a checklist. We will have the authority to stop the procedure if sterile technique/procedure is broken or not followed. What do you use as a limit for the number of attempts before they call in someone else?  I need to know how you comment to the physician or tell them they need to stop in front of the patient. Also, I found quite a few checklists and information on the web regarding this but would love to see checklists that other IV Teams and IV nurses are using so we can compare them to others and what we have. Thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can give. Susan Fullana, RN-IV Therapy Department @ Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, Hartford, CT. My email is [email protected]