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Hilary Q
In line filter disconnections

Within my Trust we have seen a marked increase in line disconnections and we are currently trying to unpick the cause. Some are human error but there does appear to be an increase in disconnections at the point that an additional filter is added to the line. One challenge is that the central supply chain ofetn changes the type of devices available at short notice due to supply issues. Just sense checking if we are alone in this?


Why are the disconnections

Why are the disconnections being done? Nursing convenience so they don't have to deal with the bag, set and pump for ambulation etc. Pump alarms due to the filter clogging? The first one is never acceptable for many reasons and it makes me nuts when it happens. One night in an ED, I stopped a nurse from discoonecting the IV on my father simply to change his shirt. The second example is a very good thing because is shows the filter is doing its job! Maybe I am missing your question since I am talking about experiences in the US. 

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