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Lidocaine orders

A question came up recently about an order for Lidocaine. All the policies or procedures that I have seen over the years have some sort of local in the policy or the procedure. Is it necessary to obtain a physician order if it is not in the written procedure? In the hospital, it's in the policy, but as an independent contractor there is no written policy. Just would like to get others take on this situation.
Warren Willard, CRNI, VA-BC

Chris Cavanaugh
It is a drug

Lidocaine, and BS NS are DRUGS, as an RN, you must have an MD order to adminster them to a patient.   Only an ARNP can administer without an MD order.  Most facilities will include this in their PICC order set, so the MD signs one place, and it includes the order for post chest XRay, Lido, etc.   

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

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