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Large-volume phlebotomy with a PAS Port?
Does anyone here have experience using a PAS Port for large-volume phlebotomy?  We have a patient with hemachromatosis who has horrible peripheral access but will require ongoing phlebotomy procedures.  A PAS port seems like a good idea for the patient if it will allow good return for the volumes needed.  Any help or insights will be appreciated.  Thanks.
PAS Port is a brand name for

PAS Port is a brand name for a port placed in the upper extremity instead of the chest wall for the port pocket. All peripheral ports have a smaller port body and are rated for fewer punctures, about 700 versus 2000 sticks on the ports with a larger surface area. For phlebotomy, you might be able to do this with a large access needle on a regular chest wall port but I don't think I would even think about using a peripheral port. You should contact the port manufacturers to determine what information they may have about this procedure. Lynn 


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