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Lab for PICCs
I have just recently started a PICC program at my hospital. I have placed PICCs at another hospital in the past and it was in my practice to check some labs prior to placing the line, like a CBC and PT/INR. The hospital I am at now had no guidelines in place when I started and now that I am requiring these labs on patients, I have some doctors that want to know why I need the labs. Can someone please tell me what the standard of practice is for labwork and  lab results prior to placing a PICC?
Kelly Smith
In our facility, we look at
In our facility, we look at the inpatients labs, but do not require any lab prior to placement.  We note whether the patient is on lovenox, heparin, coumadin, etc. and are prepared to hold extra pressure if necessary.  rarely though will any lab result preclude picc placement for us.  We will place with platelets of next to nothing, or an INR of 8 even, knowing that it is still less risky than subclavian placement.

Kelly Smith

PICC Nurse

Boone Hospital Center

Columbia, Missouri

Gwen Irwin
We also look for the lab

We also look for the lab results, for information.  But don't require any specific ones, since we also place them with low platelets or elevated INR.


Austin, Texas

Bernadette Luca...
What about checking
What about checking creatinine levels? We are required to do this and anyone with a creatinine over 3 needs clearance from a nephrologist as this patient may be a candidate for dialysis and they want to save extremities for fistula placements.
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