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Alma Kooistra
Lab Draws from Central Lines

I have been preaching use of a small syringe to draw lab samples from PICCs and other central lines for some time, but have just discovered that recommendation is not written in our P/P.  I understand that this rule is physics based, but before I write that recommendation into our P/P I'm wondering if there's a hard reference where this suggestion is written.

Thanks!!!!  Alma

raye dillon
In my experience the
In my experience the vacutainers generate too much vacuum to use on the smaller piccs. we actually use the push/pull method on our central lines and havent had any problems with erroneous results.
Carole Fuseck
We just had an inservice

We just had an inservice from the BD rep who stated that you should use the same color tube for waste as you do for the first tube.  Example -- use the blue top for waste and then draw your blue top tube and the rest in order.  Or continue to use the syringe for waste and then draw the rest.

We also do not use vacutainers for draw from our PICC lines.

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with using vacutainers for CVCs or PICCs, it will either work or not. The worst that can happen is collapse of the line and no blood, then you change to a smaller syringe for the draw. Smaller syringe=less pressure for aspiration.

I am not sure of the rationale behind using the same color vial for waste and first draw. Why did the BD instructor say that?

Nancy Moureau, BSN, CRNI

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Nancy L. Moureau, PhD, RN, CRNI, CPUI, VA-BC
PICC Excellence, Inc.
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