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Laura Cook CRNI
KVO rate

Is there an INS position of what an acceptable KVO rate is?  I am not finding anything in the standards or the text book.  I have always known it to be 30 ml/hr.  Has there been any changes?  What is everone else doing?

There is no such thing as one

There is no such thing as one single rate that will keep open any catheter or vein. So no, there is nothing in the INS standards or textbook that would establish this magic rate. An order for "KVO" is not a valid, legal order because the rate should be stated clearly in each order based on the needs of each patient. Some hospitals have written policies to establish what is a KVO rate, however this is not an evidence-based practice as there are no studies on this. Infusion rate is affected by so many variables that a rate that would keep the catheter patent simply can not be established. Lynn

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