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Kendall antimicrobial foam

I am a happy BioPatch user. I have had great success with the product. However, I was presented with a new Kendall product that is similar to the BioPatch in that it is an impregnated foam. It differs in that it has polyhexamethylene biguinide (phmb) as oppsed to our old firend CHG.

Has anyone heard of this product or use this product. Apparently it has been used successfully in wound care for quite sometime. I beleive it is pretty new to the vascular access arena.

You should expect the company

You should expect the company to provide you with studies showing the evidence to support this product. This could range from in vitro lab studies published as white papers for marketing purposes to a clinical study on patients published in a peer reviewed journal. Then you assess the validity of what evidence they have. I am not familar with this product, but there could still be some studies. Use in other wounds does not mean that it can be used at a CVC site. Put the responsibility for supporting the claims made on the manufacturer! I would expect this as the minimum level of performance from any sales rep. Lynn

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