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Just in case piv

I am a VANS (PICC) RN and looking for guidance on placing "just in  case" ultrasound PIV's.  I have read recommendations on removal of idle iv's when no longer in patients plan of care.   I conclude a "just in case piv" is same as an "idle piv".  Your guidance is appreciated.


You are correct! Just in case

You are correct! Just in case, idle, = same thing. If there is no IV therapy prescribed, there should be no type of IV access. Studies show they are forgotten, overlooked and present and increased risk of infection. Plus the majority woud not be able to function when needed. In case of a true emergency and a PIV cannot be inserted within a very few minutes, IO is the preferred device. 

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Your prompt response is

Your prompt response is essential and very much appreciated.  Have a blessed day.

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