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IVAD - huber needle changes

I have a question regardign the changing of Huber needles for implanted ports. Most guidelines that I have found state to change the needles with every dressing change. While in the hospital, we typically access the ports, and leave the needle in and heparinize the line so we don't have to access every morning for blood draws.


Infection control has recently questioned this practice, and feel that the guidelines for changing the needles are for continuous infusions only.


Does anyone have any information on this?



The recommendations for

The recommendations for changing a port access needle comes from the port manufacturers. I am not aware of any studies looking at this except for one that was looking at extending the routine access for flushing and locking. The current recommendations are the same as they have always been, the statement in the INS standards. When it is accessed, change the needle at least every 7 days. No distinction between continuous or intermttient infusions. It should be access about once per month for flushing. Ports have the lowest rates of infection of all catheters. Lynn

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Donna Fritz
I would concur with what

I would concur with what Lynn has said.  Every 7 day needle replacement.  If the dressing starts to come loose, a dressing change WITHOUT needle replacement can be done.  However, routine dressing changes should be done with needle changes q 7 days.

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