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Welcome to the forum!   All subjects related to venous access, iv therapy, and vascular access devices are discussed here.  



Please enter a subject when posting a new discussion topic.  


We can definitely have heated discussions, but these discussions should be about professional techniques, not personal attributes or lack thereof.  

No advertising is allowed in the forum, but vendors are very welcome to contribute to discussions.   Some of our best experts are vendors.  I do, however, ask that you identify which company or companies you are affiliated with.  Also, you may answer questions but don't promote your product.  Just give factual answers.  Surveys are not allowed except via sponsorship. 

I welcome any meetings, seminars, etc. that are from professional organizations or sponsors.  Please email a copy of a flyer as an attachment or just the information and I will post it.  Please don't post this in the forum.

It is permissible to post notices of IV specialist job positions, but only once.   It is also permissible to post for job wanted once. 

All pictures in the gallery and any materials that start with are permissable to use with attribution.  If there's a link to an outside site you will need to get their permission.



How you can help:

I'm always looking for pictures for the gallery and files or links for the downloads section.  If you can send and give permission to use policies and procedures, forms, schedules for meetings, etc.  it would be very appreciated.  Please send to our email posted in the contacts page.

It is a great help to the site if you would visit our sponsors' websites.  They like to know that their help is appreciated.


Kevin Arnold, DNP, MSN, BBA, BS, BSN, RN