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Marie S
IV therapy in Sacramento CA?

Hi, I have been receiving IV therapy in Florida, my home away from home, and I am coming back to Sacramento, CA, and really want to continue my therapy. Does anyone know of a place that does the Vitamin C, Oxygen and vitamin IV thearpy in the Sacramento area? I would really appreciate the help!  Please email me with any info ([email protected])



mary ann ferrannini
What specific therapy are
What specific therapy are you receiving? Do you have a venous access device in place? I live in Sacramento and also work for a home infusion company. You can e-mail me at mary ferrannini and I can share what I know.
IV Vitamins Myers Cocktail


You should try to PharmaLife Laboratories. All U.S Clinics are using iv vitamins from them.

There is this place in

There is this place in Sacramento I received IV treatment from last month. Their name was drip hydration I guess. This is their number (916) 694-1181. They do provide Vitamin C and vitamin IV thearpy but I am not sure if do Oxygen IV therapy.

Simple IV


I have been taking IV therapy from Simple IV and they have best mobile IV hydration theraphy company. You can call them and ask them about their services in Sacramento. Here is their website link , Let me know if your try them?

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