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Kevin Travis Flint
IV Therapy definition and productivity

I am having trouble getting the FTE's needed to cover our hospital with adequate numbers of IV nurses.  One of the problems I have is that the company that monitors our benchmarking and staffing grids defines the insertion of peripheral iv's the same as insertion of picc lines, each equaling one encounter.  So if my picc insertions increase my time taken away from peripherals is decreased making the team look less productive.  Anyone out there having the same problem , is your productivity encounter driven or pt day driven?


Julie Mijatovich
Yes, we are too. I was

Yes, we are too.

I was actually going to email and ask how others are doing it.

We are an IV Team that inserts 250 PICCs per month, 2100 IV  starts per month.  We do dressing changes on PICCs, access/deaccess infusa ports, travel to 6 hospitals to place PICC lines.  We do the difficult starts.  We are 500 plus bed hospital, level 2 trauma. 

We have 3 IV nurses on days and evenings, and one on nights.

Any suggestions?

Kevin Travis Flint
It was suggested by one of

It was suggested by one of my reps to do a Time in Motion study, which is found in the hard back edition of INS standards, not sure of the edition but I will let you know when I get back to work monday.


I have formulated my own
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