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Lisa B
IV teams/staffing ratios
For all the experts out there: Is there an accepted industry standard of FTEs to number of beds or IV/PICC starts for facilities with IV/PICC teams?
INS published a book on IV

INS published a book on IV Therapy by Lippincott edition one (late 1990) with time and motion

PICC 60 minutes for an easy to 180 for difficult with a mean of two hours

Peripheral IV 20 min easy 40 min diffult (mean 30 minutes)

Base all labor hours once calculated for one full time FTE on 45 weeks to allow for vacation time and holiday time

One RN can do approximately 800 PICC lines a year based on this formula in 45 weeks at 40 hours a week

On RN can do 3,200 peripheral IV's a year based on this formula

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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