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Alma Kooistra
An IV team????? Help me figure this out........

Greetings, and Happy Friday!

I had a visit from my manager yesterday and she gave me notice that we can look into developing an IV team at our hospital.  I'm thrilled......great to see something like this coming down the pike!  We've never had an IV team at our facility, and I'd very much like to do this right from the start.

I'm looking for a model of how other facilities handle this staff and hours-wise.  We have an average daily census of approximately 300 patients.  I'd like to have all IV team members cross-trained in PICC placement. 

If you're already doing this at your facility I'd love to know how you cover, and how it's working for you.  If there's a model out there for setting up a team I'd like to hear about it.

Thanks much!!!

Alma Kooistra CRNI

The best published resource
The best published resource is the Infusion Therapy Team Implementation Module, published by the Infusion Nurses Society and can be ordered from their website This contains information on how to conduct a needs assessment from your hospital to determine which aspects of care to include in the scope for your team, plus numerous other resources. I have started a team before, but that was many years ago, with totally different financial considerations. I would recommend this book. And a huge Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. I am a firm believer in a full-service IV Team, 24/7/365. Without this level of service, patients are not getting the level of expertise that is needed. Lynn

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