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Pam Michael
IV Team coverage

Just a quick survey, how many IV Teams cover 7 days/ wk and holidays?

We currently are available 7a-7p, 7 days/wk and on call (without call pay) Thanksgiving,Christmas, and New Years.

We cover the other holidays.


Just 2 of us, so we don't do
Just 2 of us, so we don't do weekends or holidays.  Available 10 hours/day M-F
Pam Michael
There are just 3 of us. I
There are just 3 of us. I would love to only do 10 shifts and no holidays.

Pam Michael, RN

There are at least 5 Atlanta
There are at least 5 Atlanta area hospitals that have 24/7/365 full service IV teams. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

126 Main Street, PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

16 of us and we do 24/7, 365
16 of us and we do 24/7, 365
Wendy Erickson RN
We have PICC nurse
We have PICC nurse availability 24/7/365.  Our PICC nurses (6 of 9) are also our Resource Nurses - nurses who float all over the hospital and help out as needed.  They also do PICCs as well as most IV starts and many other tasks.  Once our Radiology department contracted with an outside service to provide 24 hour reading of xrays (done via the Internet) we were able to offer the service during the night shift - it's pretty rare but takes off some of the pressure to be done by 10 pm when our own radiologists go to bed!

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

Jan Wesselink
FL Hospital is 24/7 365
FL Hospital is 24/7 365
Linda C Motley
Reading Hospital & Medical

Reading Hospital & Medical Center  Reading, Pa.

IV team coverage for all IV therapy related services 24/7/365.

PICCs inserted 8 am to 10 pm.

Just started a trial program for (prearranged) PICC insertions for nursing homes on dayshift, where they bring pt to us for insertion and discharge.

6 full time, 4 weekend only, 12 part timers, 1 full & 2 part-time positions open.

Adventist Medical
Adventist Medical Center--census of hospital---average 150 and as high as 200.  One IV nurse for the hospital --one PICC Nurse M- F 9a-5:30p. IV nurse 7days/wk, 12 hr shifts. IV nurse 7p-3a 7days/week
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